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I have a friend who was a professional athlete. He used PEDs back before it was easy to detect, and never got caught. He was speaking specifically about steroids, so that may not apply to Povetkin, but he said the benefits of using last well beyond when you stop. He said that even if you just used steroids training up, then stopped long before you actually competed, you’d have lasting benefits that would stick with you as long as you maintained your workout routine.
So in the case of what Povetkin used, did he gain any kind of lasting benefit that he will carry on even if he stays 100% clean from now on? I’d honestly love an answer to that if anyone knows. I think he should be banned for life regardless of the answer, but I’d still like to know.

Ulysse jr steroids

ulysse jr steroids


ulysse jr steroidsulysse jr steroidsulysse jr steroidsulysse jr steroidsulysse jr steroids