Turbo liner reviews

The Beetle’s a certain kind of fun car. Some of the more perverse among us like it best with a diesel hooked up to a manual. The whole torquey, jaunty experience of the TDI model is just more relaxed than the R-Line, more in keeping with the car’s joy-bringing mission. The oil-burner/stick combo is also just off-kilter enough to meld nicely with the car’s different-but-not-weird image. The R-Line, in contrast, although nicely executed, doesn’t do anything better than the GTI does, and the price difference is negligible. Our rather-loaded tester sailed through checkout at $31,115. An equivalent GTI comes in $700 less spendy. We found the R-Line to be enjoyable, yes, but who couldn’t use an extra $700?

Turbo liner reviews

turbo liner reviews


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