Tbol vs var

I tried t bol a while ago and I absolutely fell in love. Interms of toxicity, I ran 3 long cycles with t bbol ( of20-60mg a day). I had liver thyroid and cholesterol tests done all were normal. Not that I'm trying to encourage you to do Orals. As I'm a female I do only Orals and had 2 var and 1 dianabol cycle. My liver is fine. Just watch what you eat. Absolutely no of raw greens. Used to have broccoli every night. Lots of fish and eggs. Go easy on powdered supplements( weight gain powder is a must but read what's in it, avoid acesulfam K etc, best make Ur own from pure whey isolate and maltodextrine). Apples are good for cleansing too. Grapefruit juice. Also I taken ALA but I wasn't consistent with it... Now I am . I back off from t bol now for a bit and running var now. T bol for me is more reliable... I know after 2 weeks of it I 'll improve greatly at gym. With anavar is more of a hard look and just some strength. With t bol is a lot of size increase and enormous strength and stamina.

Tbol vs var

tbol vs var


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