Tbol kicker

So ive been using the KOH test E 300 and the sust 250 for a month now (1cc of each 3 times a week for 30 days) it was the first time using King of Hearts. I already realize that using both these compounds at the same time are unnecessary however Ive been using gear for 8 yrs now and wanted to see how strong his stuff was. of course if i were to see results i would of course lower the dose and/or just switch to one ester. after a month i saw and felt literally no results. in fact my test levels lowered to normal levels by the end of the 30 days (Test 708ng/dL....Free Test /mL) i even lost 12pounds. (starting weight at 240lbs end of 30days im now at 228lbs) i felt literally no pump no "test" feeling and had literally no results.

Tbol kicker

tbol kicker


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