Steroid use in fitness models

If you're doing oral steroids you may as well not even do them. Taking steroids can permanently alter your test levels for the rest of your life and potentially never go back to your original levels (potentially the key word, there are lots of people that have no issues after getting off juice). Lots of guys on testosterone therapy because of steroid use. As for the third which is slightly unrelated but still a good point, if your answer is anything but nothing then you shouldn't hop on juice. If your training/nutrition isn't already perfect then juice isnt for you.

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If you have been clinically diagnosed with low testosterone, then you are a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)(yes testosterone is a steroid!). This makes it no different to HRT for women during menopause or after surgery. More people are being diagnosed with hormone issues from thyroid (the most popular hormone issue discussed) to depression and serotonin. Like any type of hormone replacement and in fact any type of medicine, there are potential side effects and possible health issues that go with these prescriptions. So before these are explored, all type of health markers that can be dealt with by a change in diet, lifestyle and training must be addressed before they are acted upon.

Steroid use in fitness models

steroid use in fitness models


steroid use in fitness modelssteroid use in fitness modelssteroid use in fitness modelssteroid use in fitness modelssteroid use in fitness models