Steroid infusion for ulcerative colitis

I have been receiving IVIG for nearly 9 yrs.  At first, I used Gammunex with fairly mild side effects.  Then my supplier insisted it was no longer available and put me on Gammagard that caused bad headaches, fatigue, pain and some nausea.  I finally wrote to IG Living regarding how I could get back to Gammunex.  They quickly responded that all I needed to do was have my doctor write an RX for "Gammunex Only" and that did it!!  I do much better now.  My premeds are 400 mg Ibuprofen, 25 Benadryl, 50 mg IV solu-cortef pre and post treatment.  I also take my RX headache meds and pain meds as I also suffer from FM and chronic fatigue.  I am doing much better now and no longer have to wipe out my schedule for a week after tx!  Thank God for the resource of IG Living! I do have problems sleeping the first and often second night after tx that I am sure is due to the steroid.  I just block out a few days to adjust and rest when I can.  But, so much better than I did with Gammagard!!

Reconstitute the powder with 5 ml of sterile water for injections to obtain a solution containing 5 mg protein per ml. The solution is clear or slightly opalescent. Reconstituted medicinal product should be inspected visually for particulate matter and discoloration. Should some particulate matter remain, continue to gently rotate the vial until no particulate matter is visible. If particulate matter persists, discard the vial. Immediate use of reconstituted product is recommended. Each vial is for single use only. Depending on the daily dose, reconstitution of several vials of Thymoglobuline powder might be needed. Determine the number of vials to be used and round up to the nearest avoid inadvertent administration of particulate matter from reconstitution, it is recommended that Thymoglobuline is administered through a μm in-line filter.

Some clients whose dog had an ear infection very graciously vacated an exam room so that I could speak with the cat’s owners. An assessment of medical and lifestyle histories often yields insight into cats with breathing difficulties. Outdoor cats might suffer trauma or infections in the chest that can lead to breathing difficulties. Cats with histories of heart murmurs might have heart disease that can lead to congestive heart failure and respiratory distress. Cats who have a history of coughing might have feline asthma, which can progress to severe respiratory distress.

Steroid infusion for ulcerative colitis

steroid infusion for ulcerative colitis


steroid infusion for ulcerative colitissteroid infusion for ulcerative colitissteroid infusion for ulcerative colitissteroid infusion for ulcerative colitissteroid infusion for ulcerative colitis