New steroid from plant

Dr James Linden is the CEO and earned a PhD in biochemistry at Queen’s University Belfast as well as researching Alzheimer’s disease at Trinity College Dublin. He also set up a generic drug company called Eireceutica. The company’s Chief Financial Officer is Patrick Deasy, the former European head of American pharmaceutical company, AAIPharma.
Despite a medicinal cannabis regulation bill being stalled in Government over the last six months, Dr Linden told that the use of plant in Ireland for medicinal purposes is ‘going to happen.’
“The Government’s departments we have worked with thus far have all been very receptive.” he said

Long before the era of high-throughput screening and genomics, drug discovery relied heavily on natural compounds. In fact, many of the drugs available today contain active ingredients extracted from natural products. Since 1994, nearly half of all drugs were discovered using natural products. Furthermore, between 2005 and 2007, there were 13 new drugs based on natural products that entered the commercial market, including the following 5 new products: small molecule ixabepilone, retapamulin, trabectedin, and the peptides exenatide and ziconotide. Clearly, natural product drug discovery programs continue to play a significant role in the clinical development of new therapies in the biopharmaceutical industry.

steroid ster·oid (stěr'oid', stēr'-)
Any of numerous naturally occurring or synthetic fat-soluble organic compounds having as a basis 17 carbon atoms arranged in four rings and including the sterols and bile acids, adrenocortical and sex hormones, certain natural drugs such as digitalis compounds, and the precursors of certain vitamins. Also called steroid hormone . adj. ste·roid·al (stĭ-roid', stě-)
Relating to or characteristic of steroids or steroid hormones.

New steroid from plant

new steroid from plant


new steroid from plantnew steroid from plantnew steroid from plantnew steroid from plantnew steroid from plant