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In conjunction with the corporate name change, we will also be changing our NASDAQ ticker symbol from ISIS to IONS. The new ticker symbol will become effective at the open of the market on December 22, 2015. In addition, we will have a new website address: , a new email domain: @ and a new Twitter account: @ionispharma. Visitors to our old website will be redirected to our new site and email sent to our old email addresses will still be delivered correctly. Our company address and phone numbers will not change.

In 2003, Biogen merged with San Diego, California -based IDEC Pharmaceuticals (formed in 1986 by biotech pioneers Ivor Royston , Howard Birndorf and Robert E. Sobol) and adopted the name Biogen Idec. After the merger, Biogen Idec became the 3rd largest Biotechnology company in the world. [3] Following shifts in research core areas, the company has since shortened its name, reverting to simply Biogen. [4] Biogen stock is a component of several stock indices such as the S&P 100 , S&P 500 , S&P 1500 , and NASDAQ-100 and the company is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol, BIIB. [5]

Metabolic disease is a very large area of medical need and is another area in which we focus our drug discovery and development efforts. Our approach is to develop antisense drugs that doctors can add to existing therapies to treat diabetes. One hurdle for traditional drug development is that most traditional drugs cannot selectively target a disease-causing protein without also affecting closely related proteins, which often results in unwanted side effects. We design our antisense drugs to target the gene responsible for producing the disease-causing protein while avoiding unwanted effects on closely related proteins, thereby reducing the risk of side effects.

Isis pharmaceuticals stanozolol

isis pharmaceuticals stanozolol


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