East german swimmers

Sorry, this article is bullshit. I was born in Frankfurt in 1959 and already then it had the highest rime-rate of all german cities – but no migrants at all. It kept it’s “record” over all the years. Why? Frankfurt is germans largest traffic-hub, biggest european airport, large railway and autobahn knot, town of fairs and banks for 400+ years. The Rothschild-Empire started here – poor jewish money-changers for the merchants coming to the fairs in spring and autumn from all over Europe. So Frankfurt was and is a historic magnet for thugs and criminals too and the quarter round mainstation the center of gambling, brothels and drugs since 100 years…

As West Germany was reorganised and gained independence from its occupiers, the German Democratic Republic was established in East Germany in 1949. The creation of the two states solidified the 1945 division of Germany. [25] On 10 March 1952, (in what would become known as the " Stalin Note ") Stalin put forth a proposal to reunify Germany with a policy of neutrality, with no conditions on economic policies and with guarantees for "the rights of man and basic freedoms, including freedom of speech, press, religious persuasion, political conviction, and assembly" and free activity of democratic parties and organizations. [26] This was turned down; reunification was not a priority for the leadership of West Germany, and the NATO powers declined the proposal, asserting that Germany should be able to join NATO and that such a negotiation with the Soviet Union would be seen as a capitulation. There have been several debates about whether a real chance for reunification had been missed in 1952.

East german swimmers

east german swimmers


east german swimmerseast german swimmerseast german swimmerseast german swimmerseast german swimmers