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The British Enfield Rifle (Mk I through lshapore 2A/2A1) is not only one of the world's finest battle rifles, but also one of the longest serving from Africa's colonial wars through World Wars I and II and Korea to the conflicts of the Middle East. The British Tommy and the troops of the former British Commonwealth counted on their Short Magazine Lee-Enfields for nearly 90 years, and many are still in use today. Skip Stratton, who maintains the Enfield Rifle Research Internet web site and is a collector of long standing, has written a superb book that provides a well-organized, detailed look from the collector's perspective at this fine rifle series.

Pictures: DESCRIPTION: Canadian Ross Mark II bayonet with a second pattern blade. No scabbard. The steel part of the hilt displays following markings, "Ross Rifle Co. Quebec Patented 1907" , and on the opposite side, "Crown over 4, Broad Arrow, 11, 8/16" and some other smaller marks. CONDITION: Overall condition is fine. Blade shows some dark stains and some sharpening marks. The wooden grips are in fine condition with some light handling marks. (Janzen /3) Chile Model, Price, Number & Pictures Description & Condition Austro-Hungarian Mauser Export Bayonet Scabbard / Chilean , /35 Scabbard / Mexican Scabbard Price: $75

East german mosin nagant

east german mosin nagant


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