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A note should be made of the HK G3-based PSG-1 rifles. These guns were heavily modified -pound marksman rifles marketed to law enforcement SRT teams. Sold with 5-round magazines, adjustable everything, and an HK-supplied 6×42 Hensholdt optic, these guns sold for $10K from the distributor when new and still imported. With that in mind, picking up one of these ‘post-ban’ on today’s markets can bankrupt you quick. With that in mind, watch out for those evildoers who modified regular HK91/SR9 sporters and try to sell them as much more expensive PSG-1s.

Koch Supply & Trading Company Limited, Koch Metals Trading Limited, Koch Commodities Europe Limited and Koch Energy Europe Limited are all located in the old Roman part of London. Capabilities include sales, operations, trade accounting, contracts, compliance, credit and risk management, human resources and information technology. Koch Metals trades precious and industrial metals, and provides hedging services to clients such as base metal producers and consumers. Koch Commodities Europe Limited participates in LNG and heavy oil products trading.

East german koch

east german koch


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