East german james bond

You could call the whole Bond mystique the cinema’s answer to the Cold War: no international fracas was so dire that it couldn’t be solved by a gentleman stud who knew that Dom Perignon ’53 should only be served at 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Especially as incarnated in six of the first seven films by Sean Connery, Bond comprised equal parts of Jack Kennedy’s playboy glamour and Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Philosophy. He was the Cold War’s sexiest byproduct. And unlike John Le Carré’s Alec Leamas, he wouldn’t be found dead near the Berlin Wall.

Kriegler is encountered again when Bond obtains the ATAC from the sunken ship. Along with Kristatos, he is present when Bond triggers a alarm, causing Kristatos to send a henchmen down there, who is ultimately defeated by Bond. When Bond and Melina get back to the surface, they find that Kristatos and his henchman have taken over their ship. Kriegler then tells Kristatos that he will deliver the ATAC to the KGB and return with the money, but Kristatos states that their deal was that he would turn the ATAC over at a location of  his  chosing. He tells Kriegler that he will deliver it to the KGB at St. Cyrils , a clifftop monastery. Kriegler accompanies Kristatos to the place, where they wait for the arrival of General Gogol .

East german james bond

east german james bond


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