East german airliner

Pinal Airpark Airport (MZJ) in Arizona
Evergreen International Boeing 747s at the Pinal Airpark in Arizona (Staff photo) The Pinal Airpark Airport , located in Marana, Arizona, northwest of Tucson, is a county-owned airport just north of the Pinal/Pima county line along Interstate 10. It was originally known Marana Army Air Field .

The flight testing came to an abrupt end after only three flights, when a serious malfunction in the fuel tanks, interrupting sufficient fuel supply during steep descent, was discovered. The question of whether this design flaw contributed to the crash of the first prototype is still unanswered. There were still about 20 aircraft in production for the East German state airline Deutsche Lufthansa until mid-1961. At this time, the East German government stopped all aeronautical industry activities, as the Soviet Union which promoted its own design, the Tu-124 , did not want to buy any of these aircraft or support any further development.

East german airliner

east german airliner


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