Does the 30 minute anabolic window exist

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I met a guy through online dating He put an amazing first date together with a few things I mentioned I liked doing, we ended up the day / night with beers and lots of kissing and said we’d catch up again. Since then, we have hung out and been a few more great dates all in which he has put together. He has had some emotional things happen to him with a person close to him getting really sick and he come to me for support and we spoke about everything. Everything when I am with him is AMAZING!! Thing is, our dates / catch ups are very spread out (maybe once a week), we have been seeing each other for just under 3 months. I know he’s still online dating as he’s matched with a friend of a friend and following her on social media and has continued to do that with other girls… Am I going crazy, do guys still do that when they supposedly really, really like someone (as he’s told me so many times)… Should I continue dating? He seems like a genuine and nice guy but from my history I keep second guessing him. I am so insecure at the moment I can feel myself about to sabotage everything as I don’t know where I stand and feel it’s too early to ask>?!?

Does the 30 minute anabolic window exist

does the 30 minute anabolic window exist


does the 30 minute anabolic window existdoes the 30 minute anabolic window existdoes the 30 minute anabolic window existdoes the 30 minute anabolic window existdoes the 30 minute anabolic window exist