Dbol dose reddit

Intranasal (.) administration has emerged as a strategy to deliver therapeutics to the brain. Here, we compared . and intravenous (.) administration for testosterone. About 75% of the . administered testosterone entered the blood. However, whole brain levels of testosterone were about twice as high after . administration as after . administration. About two-thirds of the testosterone entering the brain after . administration did so by direct entry by nasal routes and the remainder indirectly by first entering the blood and then crossing the blood-brain barrier. All brain regions except the frontal cortex had higher levels of testosterone after . administration than after . administration, although the differences among brain regions varied much more for the . route. The olfactory bulb, hypothalamus, striatum, and hippocampus had the highest levels after . administration. The brain uptake pattern suggested a variety of distribution routes likely involving the cerebrospinal fluid, diffusion through brain tissue, and transport through nerve projections.

You can actually get away with running it even. As far as AI I didn't even think to put that in there cause I was trying to think of some links to post. Good catch. AI can be of his choice. Adex at .25 e3d or aro at Ed he could even run the aro during his pct but cut the dosage to . I seem where he said this was his 3rd cycle but people are going to do what they are going to do. Best to try and give them the best information you am to help them along. If it was really up to me I would tell him to pick one or the other. Test and deca or test and dbol. I would prefer test and dbol. I try to tell people to add just one compound at a time. More is not always better.

Dbol dose reddit

dbol dose reddit