Dbol and winny results

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scii2 wrote:
quick question, im on the fence between what to stack. either 30 mg a day of dbol stacked with 3 ccs of test enethate vs 3cc a week of wintrol depot and 3 cc's of test cypionate. heres my stats im skinny but not too skinny. im 5 ft 10 weigh about 172 want to gain about 20-25 lbs of muscle and have a very high metabolism, i could eat a birthday cake and not gain any fat period. now my thinking is if i take the dbol and the enethate that id take 30mg a day for 30 days of dbol then quit it and take the test until its done but i heard of i take the dbol theres a chance that i could look like the michelin man. i know that if you take dbol by itself and dont stack it with anything then you lose what you gain. another option is taking winstrol and cypionate. i read that the 2 are a good combination for someone to gain size and get rock hard. i have my routine and eating plan all worked out now I need some good advice on what i should take

Dbol and winny results

dbol and winny results


dbol and winny resultsdbol and winny resultsdbol and winny resultsdbol and winny resultsdbol and winny results