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One of the major debates among NES aficionados is the sheer amount of ports that appear on the console, and how many of them are inherently sub-par to their arcade counterparts. One of the counter-examples to this argument is Mario Bros., an NES port that's not perfect when compared to the 1983 arcade original, but one that is about as close as can be expected, with smooth gameplay and crisp graphics that do the original proud. However, Mario Bros. was eclipsed by Super Mario Bros. almost immediately upon release in the United States. Why would you buy Mario Bros. when you can buy Super Mario Bros.? Nonetheless, the two games were quite different from one another, sharing their main stars and nothing more. Old-school arcade gamers have found and will continue to find a lot to love in any iteration of Mario Bros., but new gamers beware! This isn't the Super Mario Bros. we oft talk about as one of the most groundbreaking games to ever be released.

Week 2 - The families had to work together to climb the 60 steps of the ANZ Stadium 100 times - a total of 6,000 steps. The winning family gained an extra 2 kg off their weight loss. Sharlene of the Westrens and Nathaniel of the Challenors were ruled out due to injuries, and with only two members of their family cleared to compete, the Challenors as a team were ruled out and instead went to patch up family issues with Greg, the first eliminee of the season, who was from their family. As a result of Sharlene being ruled out, only three members of each team were allowed to compete, and the Moons and Duncans sat out Sarah and Sarah-Jayne respectively. The Challenge was won by the Duncans for the second week running.

A number that’s often talked about in action movies is “kill” or “body” count.  The raging testosterone in male and female movie goers tends to have an obsession with how many bad guys get put away thus a movie’s “kill count” becoming a new component for not only judging how awesome a movie is but also how tough a character is.  Speaking of characters which ones have the most kills per movie?  It’s a good thing that you are wondering that because we’ve got all the numbers.  Here are 25 movie characters with the highest kills counts in a single movie.

Commando biggest loser steroids

commando biggest loser steroids


commando biggest loser steroidscommando biggest loser steroidscommando biggest loser steroidscommando biggest loser steroidscommando biggest loser steroids