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Annie is responsible for development, implementation and maintenance of Immunovaccine’s Quality systems, programs and processes to ensure GXPs compliance. She brings more than 27 years of experience in pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals industries to Immunovaccine, serving over half of these years in multinational pharmaceutical companies involved in Sterile Products manufacturing. During a 10-year career at Abbott Laboratories, she served in many Quality roles with increasing responsibilities, from Quality Control (QC) laboratory supervisor to Plant Compliance Manager.
Prior to joining Immunovaccine, she spent almost 15 years at Telesta Therapeutics (formerly known as Bioniche Life Sciences), where she held the position of Quality Director at the Montreal manufacturing facility, which specialized in Sterile Biologic Manufacturing. She was responsible for development and implementation of the Quality Manufacturing Systems (QMS) at the facility, set-up of QC laboratories and overall GMP site compliance. She has actively participated in meetings with regulatory agencies (FDA and Health Canada BGTD) and has hosted several GMP inspections. She holds a BSc in Microbiology from Laval University in Quebec.

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Bioniche pharma oxymetholone

bioniche pharma oxymetholone


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