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PBP stands for Paris-Brest-Paris, an historic, and today the most important randonneuring event. It travels from Paris to Brest and back to Paris, a distance of 745 miles (1,200 kilometers) that must be completed in 90 hours. While food and rest stops are allowed, riders must be self-supported carrying the spares and all equipment needed such as lighting, fenders, rain gear, etc. PBP goes back to 1891 and takes place every four years in August. To qualify you must complete a series of rides called "brevets," 200, 300, 400 and 600K in length. Riders who manage to qualify and finish PBP within the time limit get their names entered in the official records of the Audax Club Parisien, and have the satisfaction of knowing they conquered one of the toughest events in all of cycling.

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Best cutting cycles anabolic steroids

best cutting cycles anabolic steroids


best cutting cycles anabolic steroidsbest cutting cycles anabolic steroidsbest cutting cycles anabolic steroidsbest cutting cycles anabolic steroidsbest cutting cycles anabolic steroids