Adrenal steroids ppt

Monitoring and stopping steroids Patients whose disease is unlikely to relapse, steroids should be reduced gradually when they have; Received repeated courses ( especially courses lasting >3 weeks) Taken a short course within 1 year of long-term corticosteroid therapy Other possible causes of adrenal suppression. Received more than 40 mg daily of prednisolone or equivalent. Received more than 3 weeks of corticosteroid treatmentReduced rapidly to physiological doses of about mg of prednisolone and then more slowly,Who have received fewer than 3 weeks of corticosteroids may have corticosteroids stopped abruptly s teroid therapy

VMA is usually present in the urine in small fluctuating amounts that only increase appreciably during and shortly after the body is exposed to a stressor . (24 hr is the best) Neuroblastomas ,  pheochromocytomas , and other  neuroendocrine tumors , however, can produce large amounts of catecholamines , resulting in greatly increased concentrations of the hormones and their metabolites. The hormone releases can cause persistent hypertension, severe headaches, palpitations, sweating, nausea, anxiety, and tingling in the extremities.

Hepatic Lipidosis Most common form of severe liver disease in cats. Most often seen in obese cats suddenly subjected to dietary deprivation. May also be associated with diabetes mellitus, drug injury and toxicity. Thedisease seems to result from the sudden mobilisation of the bodies fat stores which quickly overwhelms the liver's ability to process the raw fat into useful nutrients. The fat accumulates in the liver rapidly and causes acute liver failure. The end result is a swollen, greasy liver which is fragile and yellow to see. The cats present with complete lack of appetite and many signs of acute liver failure. Treatment is based on the provision of a highly nutritious diet to provide the energy required to run the body, stop the ongoing mobilisation of the fat stores, and drive the liver to decrease the fatty accumulation in the liver. Treatment is difficult and a long process.

Adrenal steroids ppt

adrenal steroids ppt


adrenal steroids pptadrenal steroids pptadrenal steroids pptadrenal steroids pptadrenal steroids ppt